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Training Program in Affect Regulation, Attachment, and Trauma

Financial Aid Opportunities

Non-Profit Employee Scholarship (30%)


The Non-Profit Employee Scholarship is a partial tuition award available to SPI Level I and Level II participants who are full-time employees of non-profit, charity, or state/local government organizations.


The Non-Profit Employee Scholarship exists to support licensed professionals (or those on track for licensure) working for relevant organizations in the mental health field who may otherwise be unable to afford the cost of tuition for an SPI Training.

Scholarship Amount

Qualified candidates who successfully complete the scholarship application process and the Training application process (and are accepted) are eligible to receive a scholarship award equal to 30% of total tuition for a Level I or Level II Training. Scholarship is awarded as a discount off total tuition.

Preconditions to Eligibility

  • Must be a current licensed professional, or professional on track for licensure
  • Must work (on average) a minimum of 32 hours per week for a non-profit, 501(c)(3), charity, or state/local government agency
  • A copy of an official document from the U.S. Treasury Department Internal Revenue Service confirming tax exempt and/or 501(c)(3) status for employer organization
    • Only if applicable; not necessary for government employees or candidates who do not work in the United States
  • A copy of most recent pay-stub from the qualifying non-profit, charity, city, county or state agency
  • A signed letter from employer confirming current employee status
  • Proof of licensure
  • Charity number (Only if applicable; i.e.; Ireland or UK)
  • Completed Non-Profit Employee Scholarship Application


  • Scholarship funds are limited per Training and SPI reserves the right to determine candidates who are eligible to receive aid
  • If allotted funds are exhausted for any particular Training, no additional funds can be made available
  • Scholarship can only be combined with early application discount and cannot be combined with any other discount incentives or scholarships (candidate may secure an interest-free payment plan)
  • Scholarship award does not negate the requirement to submit a minimum tuition deposit by the 30 day deadline, nor does it negate any application fees, payment plan fees, nor any other deadlines or restrictions that may apply
  • Scholarship application will be reviewed ONLY after all requisite documents and application are received. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


It is the candidate's sole responsibility to request a scholarship. All requests must be made prior to the scheduled start date indicated for the course on the SPI website and cannot be applied retroactively (after the course begins).

How to Apply

Candidates for the Non-Profit Employee Scholarship must complete an official application in order to be considered and submit it, along with the requisite documents constituting proof of eligibility (see Preconditions for Eligibility) to financialaid@sensorimotor.org.

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Right-click (windows), control-click (Mac), or long-tap (mobile) on the following link: https://www.sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org/Non_Profit_Employee_Scholarship.pdf and choose "save link as" or "save as" from the menu to save the pdf file to your computer/device.
  2. Open the pdf file from the folder on your computer/device in which it was saved. Complete the form, filling in all required fields.
    • NOTE: Do not open the file from within your web browser, it will not save properly. Only open the file from the folder it was saved in.
  3. Once form is completed, save it and attach it in an e-mail to financialaid@sensorimotor.org along with the requisite documents constituting proof of eligibility (see Preconditions for Eligibility).

Scholarship applications and related documents must be submitted in full no less than 60 days prior to the start of the Training. Late applications are subject to rejection.

Scholarship Review Process

The Office of Financial Aid reviews scholarship applications to determine candidate eligibility. Please allow up to two weeks after submission of application to receive confirmation of approval or denial.

If candidate’s eligibility is confrmed, the scholarship may be granted, however The Office of the Bursar will award scholarship to candidate’s account only after candidate has applied and is accepted to participate in the Training. Candidate may forfeit award if candidate does not apply to the Training by the indicated application deadline on the SPI website.


Scholarship recipients must keep their accounts in good standing by staying up to date on tuition deposits, any associated fees, and payment plans (if applicable) to maintain award. Non-adherence to a payment plan or missed/incomplete payments may result in loss of award and candidate may be assessed additional fees.


In the event a scholarship recipient withdrawals from a Training, recipient must submit written notice to The Office of Financial Aid in a timely fashion prior to the next scheduled Training module. Delays in submitting notice of withdrawal may result in a reduced refund, if any refund might be due (see Refund Policy). Withdrawal from Training will result in proration of the scholarship award and the Refund Policy will apply.

The Office of Financial Aid manages all aspects of the Non-Profit Employee Scholarship.