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Training Program in Affect Regulation, Attachment, and Trauma

Financial Aid Opportunities

Work Study Awards (15-20%)


Limited paritial tuition awards may be availabile to candidates who are willing to undertake certain logistics duties and responsiblities that help support the Training in which they are enrolled.


Participants in a Work Study role serve to:

  • Enhance the classroom experience for all Training participants
  • Support SPI faculty members facilitating the Training
  • Support local SPI Organizers
  • Liaise between Training and SPI adminstrative office

In return, Work Study participants receive compensation for their efforts in the form of a tuition reduction.

Typical Work Study Duties/Responsibilities

Assigned Work Study responsibilities will not interfere with participant's ability to experience the Training, however additional time may be required from participant immediately prior to or after each Training day, or during daily rest and lunch breaks.

Catering Support

Provide modest catering support for the duration of the Training.

Onsite Support

Provide miscellaneous support at the Training venue, for the duration of the Training. Work Study participant will work in concert with Work Study participant responsible for catering support.

Award amounts are dependent on availability and necessity.  Contact financialaid@sensorimotor.org for information on work study award amounts.