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Training Program>Supplemental Training>Advanced Training for Complex Trauma

Supplemental Training

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders

This program focuses on body-informed understanding of more complex cases and issues, strengthening your skills in Sensorimotor work, and introducing new interventions and techniques that address the special challenges posed by complex trauma and dissociative patients.


Module 1

  1. Review of core concepts and techniques from Level I Training plus skills practice intensive.
  2. Challenges to stabilization in complex trauma and dissociative disorder clients and how to address these challenges.
  3. Increasing abilities for mindfulness and top-down regulation.
  4. Somatic resource techniques for stabilization.

Module 2

  1. Review of Structural Dissociation model.
  2. Working with animal defense-related inner conflicts that threaten stability or stall the treatment.
  3. Working with attachment-seeking parts.
  4. Working with hypervigilant and self-destructive parts.
  5. Developing somatic resources that speak to the differing needs of different parts.

Module 3

  1. Overcoming traumatic reactions through the practice of new actions.
  2. Reorganizing orienting and defensive responses in dissociative and dysregulated patients.
  3. Resolving inner conflicts that impede healthy boundaries and defenses.
  4. Approaches to working with memory with clients who cannot regulate arousal sufficiently to sequence or to process daily experience.

Module 4

  1. Integration and resolution: what should be the goals of treatment?
  2. Mindfulness-based techniques for creating internal coherence/inner community in complex cases.
  3. Overcoming the phobia of safety, calm, and pleasure.
  4. Working with traumatic transference and counter-transference.

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