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SPI Graduates: add yourself to this referral list

Welcome to the Sensorimotor Bodyworkers and Allied Professionals' Referral List

This list is comprised of bodyworkers and allied professionals who have completed Level I: Training for the Treatment of Trauma, Level II: Development, Attachment and Trauma or the Institute's Training for Bodyworkers. The Training for Bodyworkers is designed specifically for integrating somatic resources into somatic therapies, and offered on a limited basis.

Bodyworkers may be accepted into the Level One or Two of the Psychotherapy training in order to learn about trauma and attachment, and how this knowledge cam support their practice as bodyworkers. Bodyworkers who take these levels of training are not trained to be psychotherapists, but rather integrate the interventions into their existing skill set. Bodyworkers and allied professionals often work collaboratively with psychotherapist in treating the same client.



How are the different levels of SP Training relevant for Bodyworkers and allied professionals?

Level I: Training for the Treatment of Trauma. Bodyworkers and who have graduated from Level I have had # 85 hours of training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in helping clients suffering from Trauma. These graduates learn simple body-oriented interventions for tracking, naming and safely modulating trauma-related dysregulation in the context of bodywork. Students learn effective, accessible interventions for identifying and working with disruptive somatic patterns that they can apply to there existing skill set. Techniques emphasize utilizing the body to promote stabilization. These interventions can be integrated into various bodywork modalities: massage, Rolfing and other forms of Structural Integration, yoga, movement therapies, dance movement therapy, physical therapy, and psychomotor therapy.

Level II: Development, Attachment and Trauma. Bodyworkers who have completed both Level I and Level II of the SPI Training, have completed 300 hours of training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Level II graduates are trained to distinguish developmental and traumatic issues and to discern how each affects the body. Level II of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training program illustrates how traumatic, attachment, and developmental issues influence one another, and how to provide effective somatic treatment given their inevitable intertwining.

Bodyworkers' Training. This training is designed specifically for bodyworkers and allied professionals. The curriculum is a combination of the Level 1 and Level II trainings described above, and if focused on understanding trauma and attachment disturbances, how they affect the body, and how to install somatic resources in clinical practice.

SPI has listed bodyworkers and allied professionals who are graduates of the SPI trainings as a resource to those seeking body therapy that incorporates Sensorimotor Psychotherapy interentions. If you are seeking psychotherapy, please click HERE to go to our referral page for psychotherapists.

The level of training described above, individual credentials and areas of expertise cited below are meant to assist you in finding a bodyworker or allied professional that might be appropriate for you and/or your client. Once you have selected a bodyworker or allied professional, make sure to discuss any needs and concerns you might have to ensure that he or she has the necessary skills to assist in meeting your need(s). Ultimately, only you can determine if you feel comfortable with a particular therapist.

Bodyworkers who attend the Institute training for psychotherapists are certified or icensed in their professional discipline. They are professionals from the areas of structural integration, rolfing, massage, yoga, movement work, cranial sacral therapy, accupuncture and accupressure, martial arts, et.. A listing on this referral service does not constitute an endorsement of any particular therapist or modality. It reflects their completion of a training program in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy only. Therefore, the Institute cannot be held responsible for the actions and abilities of any bodyworkers or allied professionals listed here.

California , USA

Feria, Jose “Errol” M.A.
150 Page St. #27,
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 415-505-3391
Licensure: MFT Intern, Licensed Massage Therapist
Specialty Areas: Massage Therapy, Yoga Massage, Somatic Therapy

Level of SPI Training: Level I Graduate

Jones, Kathryn (Kate)
1850 Union Street #6    San Francisco, CA  94123
Phone:  415.613.6507
Email: bodymindmovement@earthlink.net
Licensure:  Certified Massage Therapist;  Bill Bowen, Psycho-Physical Therapy (Hakomi); Movement Therapy B.A. CSUF (1983)
Specialty Areas: 

Level of SP Training: Level I Graduate

Wu, Eveline
2113 Woolsey
Berkeley CA 94705
Website: Www.moveandfeelbetter.com
Licensure: registered somatic movement therapist and a certified Feldenkrais practitioner
Speciality areas: chronic pain, 

Level of SP Training: Level I Graduate


Ohio, USA

Hartnett, Sharon
4700 Reed R.
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43220
Phone: 239-692-8486
Email: Sharhartnett@aol.com
Discipline: LMT in Ohio and CMT in Virginia
Specialty Area(s):Mindful Structural Integration and Somatic Emotional Release Craniosacral bodywork.  

Level of SP Training: Level I Graduate


For SPI Graduates  

If you are a graduate of any SPI training program, and you did not hear from us, we may not have your current contact information. If you would like to be added to this referral list, please email the following information to:  referral@sensorimotor.org

Business phone:
Email: Optional
Licensure:  What discipline?  Psychology? Social work? LMHC? LMFT? Psychiatry?
Specialty Areas:
Level of SPI Training: Certified Advanced Practitioner, Level II (Developmental), Level I (Trauma) Graduate