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Workshop Detail

Boston, MA


APRIL 23, 2020 - APRIL 25, 2020

SPI Faculty, Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, is a featured speaker at this conference. Dr. Goldstein will present,"Working with our Younger Clients and their Families: A Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Approach to Child, Adolescent, Family and Group Treatment."

Pediatrics Conference is designed to provide pediatricians, physicians, neonatologists, pediatrics nurses and other allied experts in the field of child health care with up-to-date research work in pediatrics and to create an invaluable channel to network with global and regional leaders as well as to collaborate with them.

Pediatrics Conference includes the most influential speakers, keynotes and informative panels. The series of keynote talks, workshops, poster presentations, discussions and networking events will keep the attendees occupied with learning and making new associations.

USG-United Scientific Group, A Non-Profit Organization, an expert-driven initiative led by the editor's association and the advisory board which includes academicians, researchers, and industry leaders across various fields of research. USG provides broad range of services in the fields of science and technology including publishing, conducting world class scientific events, and holding highly interactive and proficient world forums.

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Location: 320 Washington St, Boston, MA.
Tuition: 945 USD.
Contact: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute,