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Training Program>Financial Information>Tuition, Fees, & Payments

Training Program in Affect Regulation, Attachment, and Trauma

Tuition, Fees, & Payments


Tuition for Trainings may vary by region, currency, type, iteration, and organizing body.  Candidates and participants of Trainings in which tuition is paid directly to SPI can refer to Course Details Pages on the official SPI website for information regarding tuition and related financial policies.  Candidates and participants of Trainings in which tuition is not paid directly to SPI must refer to the official partner organization for information pertaining to tuition and relevant financial policies.*

What’s included in Tuition?

  • 50-180 contact hours (varies depending on Training level) learning Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® with Certified SPI Trainers who have been mentored by SPI founder Dr. Pat Ogden
  • Continuing education credits for trainings in the United States are available for full attendance via The Institute for Continuing Education.
    • Note: Continuing Education or Continuing Professional Development credit may be available for participants of trainings taking place in countries other than the United States; contact studentservices@sensorimotor.org for more information.
  • A hard bound copy of the Level I, II, or III Training Manual/Workbook

  • Online access to lecture handouts and worksheets, teaching videos with Dr. Pat Ogden, and client session videos of Dr. Ogden demonstrating the SP method with clients
  • Opportunity to join the SPI Professional Organization upon completion of Training, maintain access to online resources and contact with fellow SPI Alumni
  • Ability to post a profile on the SPI online Referral Page
  • Snacks/refreshments provided for the duration of each Training day

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Application Fee

Candidates for the Training Program must submit a nominal fee along with a completed online questionnaire and résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) in order to formally apply for enrollment. Fee can be paid with a debit or credit card on the last page of the online application. Application fee amount is listed on each course details page.

Minimum Deposit

Candidates are conditionally enrolled in a Training when an application to attend has been officially accepted by SPI. Conditional enrollees must submit a minimum monetary deposit towards (not in addition to) full course tuition no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled start of the Training and secure a payment plan for the remaining balance of tuition, or pay in full, in order to officially secure their seat.

Enrollees have the option to submit a deposit in excess of the minimum required amount or pay their tuition in full prior to the start of the Training if they so choose. Minimum required deposit amounts are listed on each course details page.

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Payment Plans

In addition to the minimum deposit requirement, enrollees who choose not to pay their tuition in full no less than 30 days to the start of the Training must secure an interest-free monthly payment plan for their remaining tuition balance.  All payment plans and full tuition payments must be submitted to SPI no less than 30 days prior to the start of the Training.


A one-time, non-refundable fee will be assessed to all monthly payment plans, regardless of plan length. Fee amount may vary depending on advertised transactional currency; refer to tuition details for exact fee amount.


Monthly payment plans for tuition are calculated after the minimum deposit has been secured and applicable discounts and financial aid opportunities have been assessed, along with any additional payments made to date. The remaining tuition balance is divided equally into a number of monthly payments.

Enrollees who wish to secure a monthly payment plan for their tuition balance may do so via their secure account on the SPI website. A valid credit or debit card will be required to secure a payment plan, and enrollees can choose from a number of monthly plan options offered by the Bursar.

After an enrollee has selected a payment plan and linked their credit or debit card to their account, SPI will automatically deduct the monthly payment amount each month, for the duration of the payment plan, starting on the 15th day of the first month in which the Training begins and continuing thereafter until the tuition balance is paid in full.

All payment plans begin on the 15th day of the month in which the Training is scheduled to commence, regardless of whether Training start is scheduled before, on, or after the 15th. All payments will be debited from the card on file on the 15th of every month unless prior arrangements have been made. In special cases the SPI Bursar may be able to customize payment plans to change the date to fit an enrollee’s needs.

If the monthly payment is declined or rejected after 2 attempts a $25.00 fee will be charged.

How to set up a Payment Plan

Enrollees can select an interest-free monthly payment plan from several options of varying length by accessing their online account. Payment plans are secured via a debit or credit card and can also be set up via the Office of the Bursar

What if a payment card is declined?

In the event a payment is declined, an automated email will be sent from the Office of the Bursar to the enrollee/participant e-mail address on file. Enrollee/participant will be required to log on to their online account to update credit card information or notify the Office of the Bursar so a payment can be scheduled. AnchorEnrollee/participant is responsible for ensuring all payments are received and paying any overdue amounts immediately upon notification.

Bank wiring fees
In the event an enrollee/participant makes tuition payments via bank wire transfer or receives a tuition refund (full or partial) via bank wire transfer as a result of cancelling or withdrawing their enrollment, enrollee/participant will be exclusively liable for paying any fees related to the transaction(s).

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